Welcome fellow worshippers and music lovers who can’t live without your iPod (or music player of choice)!

I have always connected to God with songs and music. Throughout much of my life I listened to music and meditated to it, worshiped with it, and created devotions through it. Many of them are written in my journals (packed away in storage—to be shared later), and some are just in my head. But always, the ministry of music has been essential to my personal journey with God, the almighty Yahweh.

Awhile back I got the idea to write a book called “Praising Him with my ipod”—a book where I could share these devotionals that had been so inspiring to my own personal walk and hopefully would do the same for others. I had no idea if it would ever get written, let alone published.

But as I watched the movie “Julie and Julia” the other day, it inspired me to start a blog to share those thoughts and devotions. Now my words may never become a book or movie, but if at least one person is moved, inspired or changed though this blog, then my work is done.

Be blessed, be inspired, and let’s worship the One who creates all things and works through all things….even our iPods…

To God Be The Glory,

Joa Jane

My Disclaimer:

God likes variety and creativity. If He didn’t, we would all walk the same, talk the same and look the same. Life would be very black and white. However, we live in a world of color and diversity. I am taking songs from many different genres—both secular and inspirational. They are thoughts from my own personal impressions of the songs I have heard. Please use your own beliefs and spiritual walk to determine what you will or will not read or use in your devotions. Don’t blast my personal beliefs or what I chose to put on my blog or try to get into a religious debate with me. I welcome comments and constructive criticism, but I am very much against debating things that don’t really affect my walk with my Savior. God calls us to each seek Him with ALL our hearts, souls and minds. I truly believe if we are all doing that—and I mean TRULY, then everything else will fall into place. This is a place to rest, refresh and renew your spirit. Read, listen, and enjoy!