Songs to Listen to: Superman soundtrack (specifically “Can You Read My Mind? instrumental), Star Wars soundtrack (specifically “Throne Room/End Title”).

I thought I would begin this blog with one of my earliest personal devotions. As a high schooler, I was a huge fan of music soundtracks. (I know…I was a GEEK, but I still love them!) One of the first ones that I had was “Superman”, and I found myself thinking so much about God when I was listening to it. In my mind, He was Superman. Strong and powerful, yet gentle and true. Superman could stop a speeding bullet or a powerful earthquake, yet he was still willing to rescue a stranded kitten from a tree, or make sure that everyone, even seemingly insignificant people, were safe. Often when I would listen to the track “Can you read my mind?”, I would imagine the scene from the movie where Lois Lane and Superman were flying through the sky, I could see Lois, tightly clutching Superman’s hand as she looked around her—both fearfully and exuberantly. Although she knew Superman would never let her fall, she was still a bit apprehensive. It was so high! They were so far off the ground! The “what ifs” of her situation hung with her, even though she knew she was safe. Yet she was excited. Her hero was holding her hand.  He was looking at her with a teasing and indulgent smile. She was flying through the air, seeing everything from his perspective and experiencing his joy. And I could visualize myself in her shoes, fearful, exuberant, as I grasped my beloved God’s hand and beheld the world below me–safely in His arms. My God. My hero. My Superman.

I know that sometimes people have a difficult time listening to music with no words, but I believe that oftentimes it lends itself to even more intimate worship. Our minds are free to put any thoughts or images or meditations to the music, and it is a powerful and beautiful thing. One of my favorite ones was the ending song from the “Star Wars” soundtrack—the one where Luke and Han Solo receive their medals from Princess Leia and everyone in the room is applauding their valor and heroism.  I remember being at camp one summer and walking through a wide and lush path in the forest. It was an uphill climb, but the way was covered with long, wavy grass and flanked on both sides with huge majestically royal pine trees that seemed to reach to the sky.  I would trek up that hill listening to that song, imagining myself walking up the hall of heaven to the throne of God. Angels lined the path, cheering me on and applauding as I walked up the hill to “finish the race He had set before me.” (Hebrews 12:1-3) I always reached the top full of joy and hope, knowing that when my “race” was over, I would make that trek for real and see my Savior face to face.

Pick a soundtrack or instrumental piece to listen to today—either something from “Superman” (like “Can you read my mind?”), the “Throne Room/End Title” from “Star Wars” or any other music you find inspiring. Think about your relationship with God—your personal, intimate relationship with your Creator, your Beloved, and see where the music takes you.

To God Be The Glory,

Joa Jane

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